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  • Andrej Kljaković
  • Ante Pecotić
  • Baby Dooks

     One half of the croatian rap-duo "Sick Rhyme Sayazz" later known as "Bolesna Braca". Besides MC-ing, also does producing and co-producing with Koolade and Dash on Bolesna Braca's releases, as well as producing/co-producing ones by other croatian Rap and even some R'n'B artists. Out of the croatian scene, he and Koolade appeared on KC Da Rookee's album

  • Bodan Arsovski
  • Boris Đurđević (Colonia)
  • Damir Imamović
  • Darko Juranović - DKnock
  • Davor Žagar (DJ Fresh Jay)
  • Dino Merlin

     Dino Merlin, along with Kemal Monteno, is the most significant Bosninan-Herzegovinian songwriter, and an important local composer and performer of songs rock, ethno pop music and entertainment
    with elements of folk. Edin Dervišhalidović or "Dino Merlin ", which is his artistic name, was born on 12.th of September 1962. in Sarajevo, where he spent his childhood and was educated. In 1983. he established music group "Merlin " for which he writes texts and music, sings , thus becoming one of the most imposing band leaders in the region of former Yugoslavia. His solo career Dervišhalidović began in 1991. under the name "Dino Merlin ". Texts for a mass audience, come out from personal experience, are one of the main reasons for his reputation as one of the greatest authors in the Bosnian and regional music scene. Very frequently he uses oriental instruments, ethnic music, combined with the new sounds of electronic music. Excellent example of this is the song "Sam" from his last but one album "Sredinom ". Since 1991. to date, has recorded several albums, of which several compilation and concert. The album ,"Sredinom " (2000) was one of the best, if not the best sold album on the whole territory of South-Eastern Europe in the last ten years


  • Duško Šegvić

    Born in 1978. Works as a Composer / Producer for Fabrika (Sarajevo) and Q Department (NYC, Amsterdam).

    His last soundtrack for L`Enfer by Danis Tanovic (Academy Award Winner) was released in Europe, USA and in Japan distributed by Sony music .

    The full-blown orchestral score was recorded by Prague philharmonic orchestra and famous engineer Gary Chester. After working on movie 11'09''01 - September 11, this was the second collaboration with an Oscar winning director.

    In the international advertising world, he created original music for renowned clients like: Fanta, DHL, Subaru, Nike, Footlocker, Mitsubishi, Mtv, Mtv Games, Ford, LG and many more, working with eminent directors like "21 Grams" and "Babel" Oscar award-nominated Alejandro González Inárritu, Ivan Zacharias and Erich Joiner.His music is also featured in Documentaries, Short movies,TV Shows, TV Series and in theater, where he received a few awards for his works.

  • Harold Perrineau
  • Hladno Pivo
  • Husein Hasanefendić (Parni Valj
  • Jasenko Houra
  • Jurica Pađen

    Rođen 3.2.1955. godine u Zagrebu, gdje odrasta na temeljima glazbe "The Beatlesa" koji ga i motiviraju za upis u glazbenu školu. Upisao je klasičnu gitaru, a već nakon niže glazbene škole počinje svirati i skladati svoje prve rock pjesme. Nakon završene glazbene škole, priključuje se "Grupi 220", koja se kasnije transformira u grupu "Parni valjak", i sa njima ostaje 3 godine.
    1978. osniva grupu "Aerodrom" sa kojoj snima 5 studijskih albuma, a 1987 prelazi u "Azru" i sa njima ostaje 3 godine. U međuvremenu je svirao i po bivšem SSSR-u odakle nosi u sebi neke nove utjecaje na svoju buduću glazbu koju će raditi.
    1994. zajedno sa Tomislavom Šojatom osniva "Pađen band". Snimaju 3 studijska albuma, te "Greatest hits" i jedan album za vanjsko tržište. Zajedno su ponovo okupili grupu "Aerodrom" 2001. godine, te snimaju i 13.12.2001. objavljuju album "Na travi" u izdanju Croatia recordsa pod prestižnom etiketom Master musica.
    Jurica je poznat kao vrlo traženi gostujući studijski glazbenik mnogim hrvatskim muzičarima, a najzapaženiji je ipak kao autor mnogih hit pjesama drugih izvođača, što dokazuje i njegovo pojavljivanje na više od 30 albuma. Napisao je oko 150 pjesama, prodao oko 3 miliona nosača zvuka. U zadnje vrijeme Jurica svira u grupi 4ASA s kojom se odlučio započeti novo poglavlje u svom životu do izlaska novog albuma grupe Aerodrom.
    U izdanju Croatia recordsa 15.6.2005. god. izlazi prvi samostalni album Jurice Pađena "Žicanje", sa 15 instrumentalnih pjesama za sve koji vole zvuk gitare. Gosti na albumu su: Remo Cartagine, Tomislav Šojat, Ana Šuto i Nikša Bratoš.

  • Kimiko
  • Koolade
    In a career spanning more than a decade, Croatia-based hip-hop producer, Koolade, has acquired near legendary status amongst his peers. 

    Born on 1 June, 1978 Koolade developed an interest for hip-hop circa 1990 through his older sister who was a fan of Public Enemy, Run-DMC and Ice Cube. With her tape deck set on repeat, it was not long before Koolade's interest developed into something of an obsession. 

    He began working covertly in the confines of his bedroom on a home PC, honing his production skills. It was not until 1997 that he received his first big break. Following a chance meeting with  the CEO of Blackout Entertainment Croatia, Phat Phillie, he produced a compilation  featuring a number of home-grown MCs entitled Blackout Project. Such was its success that it landed Koolade a place in the Croatian Hip-Hop Hall of Fame. 

    In 2002, David Laub, the label manager for Wordplay, handed Koolade an opportunity to release his debut European recording. Entitled Survival/Hate Me Too, it featured Masta Ace and Strick.  

    A deal with US-based powerhouse ABB Records followed. The autumn of 2004 saw the release of Beautiful/Follow featuring Masta Ace and El Da Sensei. The single received unanimous critical acclaim. It led to artists from the US, Europe and Asia all clamouring to work with the super-producer.  

    Today, Koolade continues to command and earn the respect of a new generation of Croatian MCs. The list of international artists with whom he has worked now includes  Bow Wow & Omarion, Masta Ace, Akala, Consequence, Evidence, Ghostface Killah, Sadat X and many more. 

    Whilst many in Koolade's shoes would be content to rest on their laurels, his relentless pace, undisputed talent and quiet modesty are set to catapult him yet further. 

    Koolade, we salute you. 
  • Milo Stavros
  • Miro Buljan
  • Nikola Dimuševski (Leb i Sol)
  • Nina Badrić
  • PlayOne
  • Šaban Bajramović

    Concert promotion of Šaban Bajramović album "Romano Raj" soon on DVD and CD.

    Šaban Bajramović is without discussion the most productive and prominent gypsy artist in the Balkan region and arguably worldwide.
    Named "The King Of Gipsy Music", this singer, composer and lyricist promoted his new album "Romano Raj" in Dubrovnik, on August 14th 2007.

    Born in 1936., Šaban, like most of his fellow gypsies, learned music on the streets, starting with the double-bass. With his first album recorded in 1964, over the course of his fruitful career, Šaban has released over 20 albums and cca. 50 singles. He wrote and composed over 700 hundred songs. For over 20 years, he has lead the band "Crna Mamba" ("The Black Mamba"), touring the world. Upon the personal invitation of Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi, he performed in India, where he has been officially named the King of the world gypsy music.
    Šaban made films with Goran Paskaljevic "Guardian Angel" (1987), with Milan Jelic "Sunday Lunch"(1982), with Stole Popov "Gipsy Magic" (1997), as well as with Emir Kusturica "Black Cat, White Cat".
    He has been an inspiration to many artists, among others, to Goran Bregovic, who has often taken Šaban's themes and melodies. In 2001., together with Mostar Sevdah Reunion, he released the album "A Gypsy Legend".

    "Romano Raj" is an album of a specific etno style: a mixture of gypsy, latin and jazz rythms. Together with Šaban, "Romano Raj" features many respected artists: Petar Radmilović (drums and precussions), Ištvan Madarić (bass), Ivan Aleksijević (piano), Aleksandar Buzadžić (piano), Saša Petrović (acoustic guitar and vocals), Miloš Jovanović (guitars), Bunford Gabor (clarinet and saxophone), Ignac Šen (violins), Mišel Kurina (cimbal), Dragoslav Stanisavljević and Vladimir Krnetić (trumpets).

  • Samir Kadribašić
  • Samuel Sacher - Haustor

    Samuel (formerly known as Srdjan) Sacher is a composer, songwriter and poet. He was born 1955 in Zagreb, Croatia. Samuel studied archeology and ethnology at Zagreb University, but dropped out before graduation to pursue a professional music career.

    From 1980, he has been an active songwriter, singer and bass player in three major Croatian bands: "Haustor", "Dee Dee Mellow", and "Vjestice", respectively.

    From the begining of his career, Samuel Sacher has been involved in TV and theatre production as a composer, songwriter or performer. (For a detailed list of shows, please visit the TV and theatre page.)

    From 1990 to 2000 he lived in Poland, Czech Republic, Portugal and South America. He then returned to Zagreb to record a new album with his band "Vjestice".
    He lives with his wife Branka either in Zagreb or Rovinj (Croatia), Lagos (Portugal) or Prague (Czech Republic).

    In 2007 he changed his name from Srdjan to Samuel.
    When the time comes, he plans to change it once more, to Santiago.



  • Silente


    Silente are a Croatian rock band, based in Dubrovnik in 2013. They've become famous with a song 'Terca na tišinu', which has been nominated for Croatian music award Porin in 2014. Also they'd get Porin for the best new artist category 2104.


    facebook fan page



  • Spremište
  • Suad Čokljat
  • Tamara Obrovac

    The composer singer and flutist Tamara Obrovac from the Croatian city of Pula is one of the most impressive artists on the Croatian music scene, and in the past few years she has become very popular due to the influence of the Istrian folk music that has been the creative force of her works. Istria is a beautiful Croatian region, a North Adriatic peninsula, particular for It's musical and dialectal tradition. She writes lyrics in a local dialect and sings in an ancient dialect which is not spoken any more - the Istriotic dialect.

    Her international Transhistria Ensemble incorporates elements of Istrian and Mediterranean national music, jazz, and many elements of modern music skilfully and naturally, "the warm bowed and stringed instruments played by the excellent musicians from her current Transhistria Ensemble make up genuine musical mohair, warming and softening even the chilliest of souls."
    Her music, completely original and autochthonous, goes beyond time and geographical boundaries, thus becoming a universal artistic message, establishing Tamara Obrovac as an exceptional artist who managed to create her own unique musical expression.

    This creative musician has become known for her highly aesthetic performances, her interpretations are suffused with spontaneity, inventive improvisation, freedom, humour and the ability to communicate with the audience, an artist of a strong persona, a life and artistic force able to enchant any audience; there is undeniably more than a few ways to define Tamara Obrovac. It's like those who write about her are competing to produce the most extravagant discourse to describe her stroke.

    International recognition came also through the nomination for the BBC Radio 3 World music Awards 2004 (European Music and Audience Award).
    Here is what John L. Walters, Guardian, 20/02/2004 said while browsing the Double CD with all the nominees songs:
    "Fortunately, the random nature of awards compilation like this provides the opportunity to browse and skip and fall headlong for something you've never heard before. In my case, the "blind date" artist is Tamara Obrovac. Cansoneita (A Small Song) performed by Obrovac with the Transhistria Ensemble, is a floating, beguiling track, with spacious drumming, tuneful accordion and a delicious lead vocal by Obrovac. Cheers!

  • Tim Benson
  • Tin Ostreš (Ja i Ti)
  • Zdenko Runjić

    Zdenko Runjić (born October 26, 1942 in Slavonski Brod, during the Independent State of Croatia, died October 27, 2004, Split, Croatia) was Croatian songwriter based in Split.

    In his long career, he established himself as the most prolific and most popular songwriter of the former Yugoslavia, now Croatia. Many of his songs, inspired by the folk traditions of Dalmatia, became classics and Runjić helped the careers of many notable Croatian musicians such as Oliver Dragojević and Doris Dragović.

    He was especially successful at the prestigious Split Music Festival.
    He wrote almost 700 songs which sold several million copies in the form of albums and singles. More than 200 songs were written for Oliver Dragojević alone.

    He was also a successful businessman and music producer. He owned a record company called Skalinada which became one of the most prominent record companies of Croatia.

    However, his success also brought him many enemies and in 1993, following the dispute with the Split Music Festival organisers, he founded the rival music festival called Melodije hrvatskog Jadrana (Melodies of the Croatian Adriatic) and it soon became the key music festival of the country.

    On October 27, 2004, Runjić died of a stroke whilst recovering from the aftermath of a heart attack.

  • Zvonimir Dusper - Dus

     Dus’s music can be best described as cutting-edge sounding music founded on firm harmonic and melodic structures. This is probably the reason for his music being regularly used by top regional media and marketing companies (NOVA TV, RTL, T Mobile, VIP Net, Digitel, BBDO, Grey, Satchi & Satchi, Ring Multimedija and others). His multi-instrumentalist’ skills, combined with versatility, flexibility and clear musical vision brought him to 2006. Top 10 performed Croatian writers at the age of 35.
    For the internationally acclaimed club-music project Eddy&Dus (1997-2002, house & nu-jazz style), Zvonimir Dusper (better known as Dus or DJ Dus) co-produced an album (High Life, Penso Positivo) and more than 20 singles and 50 remixes for the world market. Aside from his club-music production career, Dus composed and arranged many scores for theater plays, Croatian National TV big band, TV movies and documentaries, bands and others. He won two Porins prices (Croatian Grammy).
    From 2004. Dus is signed for IDM Music publishing where he also holds the position of Music Production & IT manager.
    In 2006, together with Tomo J. in der Muhlen, he founded Sumosonic.tv (http://www.sumosonic.tv), their own music production brand.


Featured songwriter

Zdenko Runjić (born October 26, 1942 in Slavonski Brod, during the Independent State of Croatia, died October 27, 2004, Split, Croatia) was Croatian songwriter based in Split. In his long career, he established himself as the most prolific and most popular songwriter of the former Yugoslavia, now Croatia. Many of his songs, inspired by the folk traditions of Dalmatia, became classics and Runjić helped the careers of many notable Croatian musicians such as ...More

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