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"Let It Shine" (Ibiza Dub Radio Edit 2012) - new release by PlayOne feat. Barbara Tucker"

"Let it Shine" (Ibiza Dub Radio Edit 2012) is the second single announcing the Green Gold Music compilation released last month.

Although the original version of the song has originally been released in 2009, the new Ibiza Dub version is significantly different than its original, and due to its freshness and actuality, it will be distributed and promoted through one of the biggest house music labels - Defected Records.

After collaborations with the legendary Grammy awarded producer Andy Wright, the singer Mick Hucknall (of Simply Red), followed by the new British star Peter Grant, this is another significant star in PlayOne's music career.
The song authors are Darko Juranović D'Knock, DJ Fresh Jay and Barbara Tucker, while the video for the song is being made by UltraStar Video and 5 Group company.



New video for Lollobrigida's single "Ja se resetiram"

One of the most popular bands in the region, Lollobrigida, prepares a new surprise, to the pleasure of the growing base of their fans

For the past few weeks this Croatian-Slovenian electro-pop band has diligently been working on making the video for the song "Ja se resetiram" (I am reseting myself), and they are most proud of the fact that the entire work has been done by the 2 members of the band - Ida (singer) and Kleemar (keyboard player). The video was made without lights, make up or expensive equipment, with no budget, but with lost of effort and enthusiasm.
All the scenes have been shot with a mobile phone throughout various locations in Zagreb, Velenje, Ljubljana and Murska Sobota.

If you want to see Lollobrigida reseting themselves, check it out here:
LOLLOBRIGIDA - Ja se resetiram

The song "Ja se resetiram" is featured on their current album "Pilula" which contains 13 disco dance songs, owning their wild and rough sound to the Slovenian producer Gregor Zemljič.


XL RECORDINGS & IDM MUSIC PRESENT: Bobby Womack's new album The Bravest Man In The Universe out now

The Bravest Man In The Universe, Bobby Womack's first album for 12 years is released today on XL Recordings.

The album is co-produced by Damon Albarn and XL Recordings' Richard Russell. The album features striking vocal guest spots from Lana Del Ray on Dayglo Reflection and Malian singer Fatoumata Diawara on Nothin' Can Save Ya.

Buy now from XL Store | iTunes | Amazon

Watch the brand new video for Whatever Happened To The Times HERE.


IDM MUSIC PRESENTS - exclusive new summer compilation by PlayOne duo: D'Knock & DJ Fresh Jay

For many years have Darko Juranovic “D`Knock“ and DJ Fresh Jay collaborated with the biggest regional and international clubs in creating successful music compilations.

They have already worked with clubs such as Papaya, Hacienda, Hookah Bar etc. and now they joined forces with the Green Gold club from Zagreb, for which they delivered a fresh new compilation with Croatian and international top artists, as well as with some new talents from the music world.

D'Knock and DJ Fresh Jay put their names on the production and the composition for all the songs on the compilation, while some titles have been co-produced by their colleagues Zvonimir Dusper Dus, Kosta Radman and Slow Mo`T.
This music project will surely become an inevitable part of the best club parties on the Adriatic coast, so it's up to you to check out the "must have this summer" tag that the guys have already received.


SINGLE "BANANANA" by the IDM's band SPREMIŠTE in a new karlovačko pivo campaign

Spremiste's new single *** Mini-tour, synch usage and Karlovacko pivo campaign performance*** Spremiste on Rokaj fest confirmed

A true picture of our current social reality: unemployment, economic crisis, everyday life troubles and the lack of general enthusiasm were some of the triggers for Spremiste's second single: Bananana. However, not to leave everything so blue, they fed it with some cheerful reggae-ska pop notes and a vibrant self-made video adding optimism and a positive life energy.
The attractive contrast of the song and contagious melody immediately swept away Karlovacko pivo's marketing and creativity department which recognized "Bananana's" potential. The song was included in the newest "Vlakić" commercial for the Euro 2012 European Football Championship. Bananana and Spremiste members are the main trademark of the campaign, and the guys will soon perform in the series of Karlovacko pivo promotional concerts in the whole country.

Vlakić commercial can be seen HERE.
Bananana video can be seen

Recently Spremiste confirmed their performance on Rokaj festival on Zagreb Trade Fair (June 7-8) as the first band opening the main stage concerts, followed by other internationally renowned rock music artists.
More info can be found on the official Rokaj fest FB page.

For additional info on Spremiste, contact us on clearance@idmmusic.com.


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