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IDM music licensed a song for Tarantino's "Django Unchained"

After successful collaborations on "Kill Bill 1&2", "Grindhouse" and "Inglorious Basterds", IDM Music teamed up with Quentin Tarantino's music supervision crew once again and licensed another piece of art for his latest long-awaited hit: "Django Unchained".

Tarantino's 8th movie starring Jamie Foxx, Cristoph Waltz, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kerry Washington and Samuel L. Jackson is considered one of his best movies ever (and one of the best movies ever), with 5 nominations for this year's Oscar already down. "Django Unchained" has received nominations for Best Picture, Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography, Best Sound Editing and Best Supporting Actor of the Year, while it already won 2 Golden Globes for Best Supporting Actor and Best Screenplay of the Year along the AFI award for the Movie of the Year and long list of various movie festivals nominations and awards.

Quentin Tarantino has already been known for his love for Western Spaghetti films and music, so the choice of the song "Trinity: Titoli" from 1970's spaghetti western movie "They Call Me Trinity" (starring Terrence Hill and Bud Spencer), couldn't fit better into the western film story of American slavery, and human fight for freedom. The song "Trinity: Titoli" was written by Franco Micalizzi and Lally Stott, and published by Star S.r.l. & West Edizioni Musicali, Italy.
The title and setting of the film was inspired by the 1960s spaghetti western Django with the original Django actor Franco Nero having a small role in the film. What is also interesting is that many roles were written for the specific actors with them in mind.

"Django Unchained" is in cinemas across the globe, so if you still haven't seen it, don't miss a chance to see a movie that already entered the annals of the cinematography history. IDM Music is very proud to be a part of the story.



Romantic comedy/drama "Silver Linings Playbook" for which IDM Music licensed 5 songs, received 8 nominations for the most prestigious movie award - Oscar.

David O. Russell's movie has been nominated in all the most prestigious Academy award categories including the nominations for Best Motion Picture, Best Lead Actor, Best Lead Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress and Best Director of the Year, which makes it the first movie nominated in all these 6 categories, since "Reds" from 1981.

"Silver Linings Playbook" hence unexpectedly outnumbered blockbusters such as Django Unchained, Skyfall and Hobbit and it has become one of the favourites of the 85. Academy Award that will take place on 24th of February at the Dolbe Theatre in Hollywood.

Just as a reminder, IDM Music licensed 5 songs for the soundtrack of this fantastic movie, among which 3 songs are a part of the Italian film music catalogue, Bixio ("Amore a forza" - Piero Piccioni, "Devil Tango" - Evan Lurie i "Cesaroni's Tango" -Andrea Guerra).


Embassy 516 released their second video

The Croatian post-rock band "Embassy 516" released a second official video from their first studio album "Surveillance Of The Environment", released by Geenger records and published by IDM Music. The video for the song "The Bees, The Beasts, The Nightmare Train" has been shot in the new campus of the University of Dubrovnik and it has been directed by Zlatko Tomić. The video brings the atmosphere of highschool/student age, combined with the elements of horror movies, steam-punk and post-apocalypse.

Check out the video for the song "The Bees, The Beasts, The Nightmare Train" HERE.

If you want to listen or download the song, click HERE.


new 3-track promo release of the synth-pop band hemendex

Do you like dark-flavoured pop songs with loud drum machines and synthesizers?
if so, the Zagreb based synth pop trio Hemendex, will make you very happy with their upcoming LP "Solution To Reality", announced by their 3-track digital promo release "November sessions 2012" that you can download for free on the link below:


A digital-only promo package "November sessions 2012" comes also with a stack of wallpapers for the modern-day gadgets.


IDM Music licensed 5 songs in hollywood movie "Silver linings playbook"

While just few more hours are ahead until the official USA & UK release of the "Silver Linings Playbook" movie (21st of November), it has already won six awards on prestigious film festivals as well as the hearts of all the lucky festival visitors that keep it on a very high poll of 8.2 on IMDb site at the moment and 90% on Rotten Tomatos.
"Silver Linings Playbook" is directed and written by David O. Russell, who has often been the subject of controversy, while receiving at the same time a lot of critical acclaim, especially for his previous film "Three Kings".
Why are we mentioning all this? Because we're more than thrilled to have been participating in the film soundtrack with 5 songs, among which 3 are Bixio Music titles. The songs "Amore a forza"(Piero Piccioni), "Devil Tango" (Evan Lurie) & "Cesaroni's Tango" (Andrea Guerra) match this fantastic and, according to critics, "irresistibly eccentric" romantic comedy/drama. It stars great actors such as Bradley Cooper (best known as the guy from Hangover and People's Sexiest Man Alive, as he meets every comic and dramatic challenge), young but very talented Jennifer Lawrence (The Hunger Games), Bollywood veteran Anupam Kher and one of the best actors in the world, Robert De Niro. The movie raises the bar on romantic comedy; definitely a must-see of the year!


Featured songwriter

Zdenko Runjić (born October 26, 1942 in Slavonski Brod, during the Independent State of Croatia, died October 27, 2004, Split, Croatia) was Croatian songwriter based in Split. In his long career, he established himself as the most prolific and most popular songwriter of the former Yugoslavia, now Croatia. Many of his songs, inspired by the folk traditions of Dalmatia, became classics and Runjić helped the careers of many notable Croatian musicians such as ...More

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