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EMI MP writers win Golden Globe for the 2012 Best Original Song

At the 69th annual Golden Globe Award ceremony held 2 days ago in Beverly Hills, California, Julie Frost and Jimmy Harry won the award for the best original song from a motion picture, for their song "Masterpiece" co-written with the pop diva Madonna.
The trio beat Elton John and Mary J Blidge that were nominated in the same category.
The song "Masterpiece" was written for the end credits of Madonna' directorial film "W.E", but it will also be included in Madonna's upcoming 12th studio album that should be out in March 2012.
Julie Frost, signed to EMI Music Publishing, already has a notable list of hits that she wrote in her career including the 2010 Eurovision winning song "Satellite" by Lena, B.E.P.'s "Just can't Get Enough" and Beyonce's "Countdown".
Jimmy Harry, also an EMI writer/composer, has worked in the past with the names like Pink, Kylie Minogue, Kelly Clarkson and Santana.
Congrats to EMI MP and to Julie and Jimmy!


Happy holidays from IDM Music

With hope that the Mayans weren't quite precise as most of the people think, and that our computers, toasters and washing machines will still be in use after December 31, we send you our best wishes for the upcoming 2012.

We thank you for all the great work we've done together and looking forward to all future projects we will be happily working on.
2011 was a lot of struggle, but as a reminder that after the rain comes sun, we are giving you a free mp3 download of the track "Movin' On" by our artist Harold Perrineau. Not only it is lyrically a beautiful song full of optimism and positive energy, but it also might come in handy in burning of all the absorbed calories in the upcoming weeks. :)

IDM Music sincerely wishes you happy holidays and all the best in 2012!

Click HERE for the free download of the song "Movin' On".



In their long-lasting career, one of the most popular groups of the 20th century, Simply Red, have never made a Christmas song... until now. Their frontman Mick Hucknall has written a song "Happy this Christmas" which is about to be launched worldwide.

After Mick heard the remix of the single "Take it to the roof", produced by Darko Juranović D'Knock and DJ Fresh Jay (Playone) in cooperation with IDM's producer Zvonimir Dusper Dus , he decided to hire the guys for the club version of his song "Happy this Christmas!".
Besides Playone, the second version of the song has been remixed by Bimbo Jones, a well known production team, famous for their remixes of Lady Gaga, Pink, Janet Jackson, Usher, Annie Lenox and others.

This is just the beginning of the worldwide success of the duo Playone: their promo teams Svijet Produkcije and Oziris, which are in charge of placing their work into the global markets, already announced that Playone have started preparing the remixes for Simple Minds as well as for some other well known artists.

Click HERE to listen to Playone's remix of the song "Happy This Christmas".



It is with sad and heavy heart we announce the loss of our dear friend and colleague, Barbara Orbison, who passed away after a courageous battle against pancreatic cancer. Barbara was diagnosed with the disease in April and was very optimistic about her recovery, but unfortunately, she lost her battle and passed away on December 6 in the USC Medical Center in Los Angeles.

Barbara and Roy met during his English tour in 1968,  when she was only 17. The couple married only a year after and the relationship between them stayed strong till the last day of their lives. They kept devoted and enduring love affair, ultimately passing away on the same day, 23 years apart. 
It was her who helped her husband rebuild his life after a string of personal tragedies, becoming a force behind his musical resurgence in the 1980s and, after his death, working relentlessly to burnish his legacy. 
Nevertheless, Barbara was way more that just a supportive wife, she was a great and strong business woman, who contributed a lot to the legend of Roy Orbison and to music industry in general.
Her Still Working Music publishing company has  consistently represented some of the industry’s most successful songwriters and was recently awarded BMI’S 2010 Song of the Year for Taylor Swift’s “You Belong to Me.”

Barbara, we will miss you and we hope you're now with your Roy somewhere "on Blue Bayou."



The song "La Cosa Buffa" has been licensed in a film "Declaration of War", a French entry for the best foreign language film at the 84th Oscar Awards.

IDM Music & Bixio Music Group achieved another great international collaboration in the world of the 7th art. This time IDM Music licensed a Bixio song "La Cosa Buffa" by Ennio Morricone for the film "Declaration Of War" (original title: "La Guerre Est Declarée") that has been selected as the French entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 84th Academy Awards, which will take place in February 2012.
The film, directed by Valérie Donzelli, who plays the main female role, already received very positive reviews and festival awards. It is focused on a love story of a young couple who wrestle with their child's cancer diagnosis.
The song "La Cosa Buffa" has been originally written and used in the comedy/romance film of the same title directed by Italian screenwriter and film director Aldo Lado in 1973. In the film "Declaration Of War", almost 2 decades after, the song has been used in a strong emotional and heartbreaking scene in which the archetypically named couple Romeo & Juliets accompany their son Adam on his way to an operation room.
The film is still touring on various film festivals worldwide and it will come to cinemas in USA at the end of January 2012.


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