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Dino Merlin’s latest release: Undo

Dino Merlin is wasting no time following his successful performance at the Eurovision Song Contest in Dusseldorf with the self-penned entry “Love In Rewind”, which brought him 6th place and wide acclaim all across Europe.

On June 11 Dino held his long-awaited solo concert for the Slovenian audience at the most famous open-air venue for performing arts in Ljubljana – the Križanke Summer This Saturday, on June 18, Dino will perform at another renowned architectural complex in Europe– the Gasometer Venue Hall & Planet Music in Vienna. On this occasion, Dino will premiere his latest release - the music video for the song “Undo”, to be included on his new album announced for 2012.

The music video features two young and talented actors from BiH – Zana Marjanovic and Moamer Kasumic, while the most interesting bit is Dino himself doing a few-seconds-cameo (appearance) – as a garbage man! Mahir BeatHouse, who performed on stage with Dino at the ESC, also appears in the video. The video shows a yuppie woman (young urban professional) –beautiful and successful but lost in the everyday hustle and bustle of the expectations and temptations of contemporary life. She is in search for answers to the meaning of life – to the meaning of it all without realizing that the answer is right in front of her…
The script and directing are the work of two final-year students at the Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo - Emir Kapetanović and Sabša Peševski.

Click HERE to check the new video "Undo".



Good news again, everyone! It’s time for a different kind of refreshment from the fridge of IDM Music and Geenger Records, which comes in the shape of a new band on the label: the promising HEMENDEX! The collective, whose name is derived from the pronunciation of the english „ham and eggs“, draws musical influences from such bands as Chrome and Videosex. They attack in a dynamic and multi- layered mix of synthpop, post-punk and strong visual performance.

They were conceived back in 2008. as a four-piece, and since then they have been crafting the atmosphere of a dark and twisted disco, through creative merging of electronics and instruments. After playing shows with praised bands like Ladytron, The Young Gods and Atlas Sound, their efforts have reflected in their first 7” recording called “Reset1”. They are currently working on a new album (“Reset2”) which is to come out soon.

Soon you will be able to read further news about the band’s progress. Until then, be cool and enjoy some nice synthpop @ Hemendex Bandcamp!



IDM's CEO Tomo Johannes in der Muhlen participated in another important music event in the region, Adria Music Conference 2011, held last weekend in Umag, Croatia. Tomo was moderating the panel "Copyright In The Region" that discussed many essential questions such as: How to protect intellectual property? How to apply the copyright law on music, image, video and design? Is there a conflict between the copyright/intellectual property and new generations of creatives and media consumers? etc.
Aside from Tomo, the panel included some of the most important people in the region regarding the problematics of intelectual property: Baštjan Menart, Nenad Marčec, Kristina Delfin Kanceljak and prof.dr.sc.Igor Gliha.
AMC was the first conference of this kind that was organized in the region of south-east Europe and it hosted many interesting people from the music business such as Rev Run of Run Dmc, The Shapeshifters, Tiesto and a multiple Grammy award winner, songwriter Jane't Sewel.


WORLD PREMIERE OF NEW PLAYONE's SINGLE" TILL THE END OF TIME" and annoucement of 2011 summer tour

This month started energically for the electronic Croatian duo PLAYONE; few days ago a Queen of house music, Barbara Tucker announced worldwide her new single "Let It Shine 2011" which the duo co-produced, following their successful cooperation with Barbara on the single "Feeling Like a Superstar" that reached the Top 10 Billboard Dance chart.

Playone duo, cosisted of great Croatian musicians and producers Darko Juranović D'Knock and DJ Fresh Jay, also announced their Liveinthemix.tv Summer tour 2011, that will see it's peak on July 31, at the ATP Tournament in Umag, with numerous guests.

Besides the succesful music production activities, Darko and Fresh Jay run the internet TV channel LiveInTheMix www.liveinthemix.tv as well as the company Urbani Zvuk Entertainment www.urbanizvuk.hr, that specializes in creating high-quality music videos, documentaries etc.

The guys are also preparing a Liveinthemix.tv CD, already announced by their new single TILL THE END OF TIME. The Radio Edit version of this single has already received many compliments from the artists such as Shapeshifters and Freemasons and it will surely bang the clubs all over the coast this summer!

The song was also picked for the Hymn of the famous Croatian internet portal section Index Nightlife.

Click HERE to listen and download the new single "Till the end of time" by PLAYONE.



We are very happy to announce another big name in IDM's roster - Prljavo Kazalište, one of the most popular bands in Croatia and ex-Yugoslavia.

IDM Music signed a publishing deal with Jasenko Houra, the author and composer of their entire opus ,released on 13 studio and 6 live albums over 30 years of their existence.

The hits such as "Sve je lako kad si mlad", "Mi plešemo", "Ne zovi mama doktora", "Marina", "Sladoled", "Kiše jesenje", "Lupi petama" "Ruža hrvatska" and many others are now available for licencing through IDM Music clearance department, with contact email address: clearance@idmmusic.com


Featured songwriter

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