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It is with sad and heavy heart we announce the loss of our dear friend and colleague, Barbara Orbison, who passed away after a courageous battle against pancreatic cancer. Barbara was diagnosed with the disease in April and was very optimistic about her recovery, but unfortunately, she lost her battle and passed away on December 6 in the USC Medical Center in Los Angeles.

Barbara and Roy met during his English tour in 1968,  when she was only 17. The couple married only a year after and the relationship between them stayed strong till the last day of their lives. They kept devoted and enduring love affair, ultimately passing away on the same day, 23 years apart. 
It was her who helped her husband rebuild his life after a string of personal tragedies, becoming a force behind his musical resurgence in the 1980s and, after his death, working relentlessly to burnish his legacy. 
Nevertheless, Barbara was way more that just a supportive wife, she was a great and strong business woman, who contributed a lot to the legend of Roy Orbison and to music industry in general.
Her Still Working Music publishing company has  consistently represented some of the industry’s most successful songwriters and was recently awarded BMI’S 2010 Song of the Year for Taylor Swift’s “You Belong to Me.”

Barbara, we will miss you and we hope you're now with your Roy somewhere "on Blue Bayou."



The song "La Cosa Buffa" has been licensed in a film "Declaration of War", a French entry for the best foreign language film at the 84th Oscar Awards.

IDM Music & Bixio Music Group achieved another great international collaboration in the world of the 7th art. This time IDM Music licensed a Bixio song "La Cosa Buffa" by Ennio Morricone for the film "Declaration Of War" (original title: "La Guerre Est Declarée") that has been selected as the French entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 84th Academy Awards, which will take place in February 2012.
The film, directed by Valérie Donzelli, who plays the main female role, already received very positive reviews and festival awards. It is focused on a love story of a young couple who wrestle with their child's cancer diagnosis.
The song "La Cosa Buffa" has been originally written and used in the comedy/romance film of the same title directed by Italian screenwriter and film director Aldo Lado in 1973. In the film "Declaration Of War", almost 2 decades after, the song has been used in a strong emotional and heartbreaking scene in which the archetypically named couple Romeo & Juliets accompany their son Adam on his way to an operation room.
The film is still touring on various film festivals worldwide and it will come to cinemas in USA at the end of January 2012.


Andy Wright, one of the biggest producers in the world, and IDM's producer D'Knock in a collaboration with Peter Grant and Simple Minds

Simple Minds, Simply Red, Tom Jones, Sinead O'Connor, Eurythmics, Luciano Pavarotti, , Natalie Imbruglia, Bon Jovi, Toše Proeski... just to name some of the world known names behind which stands the name of Andy Wright.
This fantastic music producer, Grammy owner, had a meeting few days ago with two of the biggest names of Croatian music production - duo PlayOne (Darko Juranović D'Knock and DJ Fresh Jay).
Three of them joined their forces on two big upcoming projects: the first one is a hit single "Take It To The Roof" by the new British star Peter Grant, often named the new Robbie Williams, and the second one is a remix of a single from an upcoming album by the legendary Simple Minds.
The entire project has been run by the executive production of the Oziris agency, and in cooperation with another IDM's producer, Zvonimir Dusper Dus.

Click HERE for an exclusive interview with Andy Wright and D'Knock.


ERIC DESTLER's "ON Fire" on way to become international hit

Only few months after we posted news about the official release of the single "On Fire" written by IDM's author Eric Destler and beautiful and talented Franka Batelić, we are very happy to follow up on the magnificent succes of this club hit on the world's music scene.

One of the most important electronic music labels in the world, German Kontor Records, took on themselves the rights for the worldwide distribution of the single "On Fire" that has reached more than 100,000 views first day it has been released on their YouTube channel.
Kontor Records, that is known for launching artists such as Tiesto, Scooter, Fedde Le Grand and ATB, will soon launch the song on German market and on music channels MTV and VIVA , which will be followed up by the worldwide distribution.

The song "On Fire" has been also included on a compilation of the famous label "Ministry Of Sound" and at the same time, Franka's management and Eric Destler are negotiating with Mobile content factory Ltd, the biggest mobile content distributor in the world.

Meanwhile, the second single "Supergirls" by Eric and Franka is about to be launched very soon and we surely have no doubts that it will confirm once again that the Croatian house production is running along the world's music currents.

Click HERE to watch the video of the song "ON FIRE" by Eric Destler feat. Franka.
The song is available for licensing.
For more info please contact us on: clearance@idmmusic.com


harold perrineau & tom tom shot a video for the song "Movin' on"

The critically acclaimed Brooklyn-born Hollywood actor Harold Perrineau, known for his roles in TV series "Lost" & "Oz" and Hollywood films "Romeo & Juliet" & "Matrix", successfully continues his musical career.

Harold & Tom Tom have finished their single "Movin' On" for which they have also recently shot a video.

This is what Harold says about the song:

"Odd to call it a new song because I wrote these lyrics when I got fired from Lost in 2006. Good thing I didn't do a video then because my ideas were scathing. Turns out the song is more fun and forward looking than my anger was at the time. That's why this video has my family and friends in it because thats what the music is all about for me, having fun and sharing with my family and friends where ever we are.

Big shout outs to everybody that came over to be in this video. We had a great time. Thanks to Michael Greene for directing and shooting it. And as always, thanks to my partner in crime Tomo. We'll just keep putting out our music, you come and let us know what you think.

Mucho love amigos, 


 Click HERE to download the song "Movin' On".
Also check out the video of the song by clicking HERE.
The song is available for licensing.
For more info please contact: harold@idmmusic.com


Featured songwriter

Zdenko Runjić (born October 26, 1942 in Slavonski Brod, during the Independent State of Croatia, died October 27, 2004, Split, Croatia) was Croatian songwriter based in Split. In his long career, he established himself as the most prolific and most popular songwriter of the former Yugoslavia, now Croatia. Many of his songs, inspired by the folk traditions of Dalmatia, became classics and Runjić helped the careers of many notable Croatian musicians such as ...More

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