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Jura Pađen and his group Aerodrom have recently returned from Belgrade full of positive impressions, after their performance for a crowd of 100.000 at the Belgrade Beer Fest - which is traditionally held in mid August. The audience was in ecstasy and all sang along to well known hits ‘Fratello’, ‘Stavi pravu stvar’, ‘24 sata’, ‘Obična ljubavna pjesma’, ‘Otkazani let’ and many others.

After a great show Jura Pađen and Aerodrom were in for another pleasant surprise. Because of large crowds and road blockages after the show, the Serbian police, on their own initiative, offered to our boys to accompany them to the highway entrance saving them hours of nervousness and waiting in line. In addition to the concert, Jura Pađen and Aerodrom mingled, in Jugoton – Croatia Records store in downtown Belgrade, with fans and journalist who have been faithful to them from the beginning of their careers.

After the Belgrade concert, they had another gig in Varaždin on Špancirfest and will soon join forces with several other bands on one of Zagreb's largest concerts ZG ROCK FORCES which will be held a month from now in Dražen Petrović Center.


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The most famous fashion duo in the world, Dolce & Gabbana, continue their campaign for the fragrance 'Light Blue'. A few months ago they filmed a new ad in which they, once again, used the Neapolitan evergreen 'Parlami d'amore Mariu', one of many hits from the Bixio catalogue, performed by the legendary Italian singer Achille Togliani.

Advertisements that feature two top models, Polish Anna Jagodzinska and British David Gandy, was recorded in a Mediterranean ambience, with an equally emphasized eroticism and sensuality as in the first ad. The well-known musical theme contributed to the overall atmosphere of the campaign, which is in the running for the third season.

The song, ‘Parlami d'amore Mariu’, was composed by Cesare Andrea Bixio in 1932 for Vittorio De Sica. Many of world renowned singers have sang their versions to date, including Luciano Pavarotti, Placido Domingo, Jose Carreras, Achille Togliani and Claudio Villa.

Click for the 20'' version and Click for the 15'' version 

For information on licensing this rich catalog spanning Italian film music, evergreens, bossa and Mediterranean rhythms and other musical delicacies - Bixio, which IDM Music represents for the whole world, please visit www.bixio.com.



For the past few years, the Croatian coast is becoming more and more the fertile ground for several high quality British festivals of underground electronic music.
After Garden and Soudwave, this summer Croatia will also host the Europe's largest bass culture & dubstep festival Outlook. The festival will take place in the town of Pula from 2nd to 5th september and this year's tickets are already sold out.

The line up for both The Soundwave and Outlook festivals in Croatia are great examples of Westbury’s ability to combine the best in modern contemporary and established artists.  Both events are in their decisive second year and had a successful debut despite.  Soundwave in July featured one of the hardest working international Hip-Hop artists Dj Vadim, playing, one of his legendary Dj sets. The line up also included Dam Funk plus two of Westbury’s newest signings Alexander Nut representing Eglo Records and Blue Daisy from the Black Acre camp.
The Outlook Festival at the tail end of the season in September is a dub and bass culture extravaganza feature live performances by the Mad Professor, Macka B (Ariwa) and the Iration Steppas bring the real dub and roots foundation for all the revellers connecting the dots.


BLACK EYED PEAS broke the record with 6 million song downloads

The song "I Gotta Feeling" by the Cherry Lane's top-artist Black Eyed Peas has been downloaded more than 6 million times in the US.
The track, produced by a group member Will.i.am and french house DJ David Guetta and originally released in June last year, has become the most popular download in US chart history.
Interscope Geffen A&M adds that total digital single sales from the band's album The E. N. D. now stand at 18m while the album itself has sold 7.33m copies physically and digitally.


Featured songwriter

Zdenko Runjić (born October 26, 1942 in Slavonski Brod, during the Independent State of Croatia, died October 27, 2004, Split, Croatia) was Croatian songwriter based in Split. In his long career, he established himself as the most prolific and most popular songwriter of the former Yugoslavia, now Croatia. Many of his songs, inspired by the folk traditions of Dalmatia, became classics and Runjić helped the careers of many notable Croatian musicians such as ...More

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