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The famous experimental producer, musician and rapper Flying Lotus released a new killer album entitled “You’re Dead!” on Warp Records. His 5th studio album debuted at number 19 on the Billboard 200 chart and instantly received praises from the hip-hop community and critics.
One of the songs on the album, "Turtles", uses a sample from the known Bixio theme “"L’Uccello Dalle Piume Di Cristallo" (a/k/a "Theme From The Bird With The Crystal Plumage") by Maestro Ennio Morricone, showing once again how Bixio catalogue is still an inexhaustible source of inspiration for hip-hop producers.

Listen the album below and don't forget to enjoy!



After success with Simply Red our house team Playone cooperate with the legendary Eddie Amador

In year of 2015. the producer duo PlayOne (Darko Juranovic D'Knock & DJ Fresh Jay) will definitely remember by many successes. Together with Zvonimir Dusper they recently remixed the new single of the legendary British band Simply Red 'The Ghost of Love' from their comeback album 'Big Love ', PlayOne and Dus continue their production work in an intense rhythm. For the label Ibiza Ibiza Recordings, in the executive production of Stamen, PlayOne and Dus made remix single 'Detroit 2 Ibiza' signed by the legend of house music Eddie Amador and Spanish DJ and producer Dany Cohiba.

Official release of PlayOne's remixes came out on September 7th under the name: 'Detroit 2 Ibiza' - Eddie Amador & Dany Cohiba (PlayOne Remix):


PlayOne new associate Stamen is a prominent producer and DJ who works with the top names in the club scene. Stamen signed a contract with record label Sony Music, this year and recently produced and official remixes for Joachim Garraud and Laidback Luke. He was the man who helped about the collaboration of PlayOne and legendary Eddie Amador. So after Simply Red, Barbara Tucker, Andy Wright and other famous names with whom they previously worked with, this remix is the one which will leave a mark on the world music scene.

In addition to their production activities, PlayOne negotiating with Simply Red's management and the number of joint concerts in the region, which will be a real treat for all fans of this popular British soul-pop band, as well as for fans of electronic music.
Like in 2014, this year PlayOne had an extremely successful regional summer tour, which was visited by tens of thousands of visitors in various clubs. D'Knock and DJ Fresh Jay continue to fall and winter part of the tour in a hellish pace. The guys are also preparing a new tour, this time in the region (Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia, Slovenia), and are in talks to do a couple of big joint concert with Simply Red, which will they let us know.

Listen to their praised remix of the song 'The Ghost Of Love, of Simply Red:


Više informacija možete pronaći na službenom webu našeg house teama, koji glasi playone.eu ili na njihovim društvenim mrežama:

Njihovih top 10 pjesama poslušajte na Beatportu


With great sadness and shock we share with you the news about the early unfortunate passing of our dear colleague and friend Felix Hines. Felix died at the age of 41 on Saturday, October 18, while attending the Amsterdam Dance Event. He spent 17 fruitful years in the music publishing work, notably at Westbury Music after which he became a head of publishing at Phoenix Music International.
With his impeccable taste for discovering great new talents and signing hit artists, and passionate love for music, he will be very missed in the music industry and even further.



3 weeks ago the worldwide known show “Your Face Sounds Familiar” got its Croatian edition and IDM Music is very proud to be the part of the show's music production team. The show entitled “Tvoje lice zvuči poznato” instantly became one of the most viewed shows in Croatia, with over 50% of viewers in the country. The celebrity contestants that make funny and amusing transformations of the iconic musicians week after week are: Giuliano, Jasna Palić Picukarić, Mario Petreković, Andrea Andrassy, Baby Dooks, Minea, Ronald Braus and Vanda Winter, while IDM’s CEO Tomo in der Muhlen is invited to be one of the 3 judges that vote for the best performance every week.

Check out the show “Tvoje lice zvuči poznato” every Sunday from 20h CET on Nova TV.



Only few days after it's YouTube release, the new single "Žigolo" by the Croatian hip-hop musician Fil Tilen became a true internet sensation with rapidly growing numbers of YouTube clicks. The proof that the entire world loves half-naked Croatian with the lizard eyes lies in the fact that the video has been viewed over 127 counties and over 200 thousand times in only 4 days.

The song "Žigolo" has been released by Croatia Records and the co-author of the song, besides Tilen himself, is the IDM's composer and producer Rei Noel. The guest star of the video that has been written and directed by the musician, is known Croatian journalist Rea Matas, who willingly accepted the role of a female gigolo, Tilen's alter-ego in the video.

One of the most popular Croatian composers, Tonči Huljić, also shows up in the video, playing the role of the main villain who tampers the young musicians to sign a contract for him.

Click here to watch the video for the song "Žigolo":



Featured songwriter

Zdenko Runjić (born October 26, 1942 in Slavonski Brod, during the Independent State of Croatia, died October 27, 2004, Split, Croatia) was Croatian songwriter based in Split. In his long career, he established himself as the most prolific and most popular songwriter of the former Yugoslavia, now Croatia. Many of his songs, inspired by the folk traditions of Dalmatia, became classics and Runjić helped the careers of many notable Croatian musicians such as ...More

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